Green & Blue Sugar Skulls Part II


Sugar Skulls designed by Charlotte Pridding & Sean Breasley 

Photographs by Charlotte Pridding, 2012

23/12/12 – So the Process Continues….

So the sugar skulls have become a recent addiction, at the moment I have been using different coloured icing in order to create different patterns and designs. It’s christmas anyway, why not decorate sugar skulls for such a festive occasion? they definitely brighten the house that’s for sure!


Sugar Skulls by Sean Breasley

Sean has also been helping me decorate these sugar moulds, we’ve been sitting at the kitchen table with bags of icing sugar continually decorating all the sugar skull moulds I had left over from my uni project. Why have sugar skull moulds sitting in a cardboard box when you can decorate them in colourful and artistic designs? I honestly couldn’t find a better way to enjoy this Christmas week.

With practise, the skulls do become easier to decorate and having the right consistency for the icing does make a huge difference! Sean created a green and blue skull that also compliments with the skull I had designed the week before. Sean had also combined black with blue for another sugar skull, which looks rather interesting! I personally believe it is the unusual designs that do make the most interesting skulls!


Blue & Black Skull by Sean Breasley

So who is Sean? Sean is a graphic designer / illustrator who has been helping me with my sugar skull decorating. For more information about Sean, click the link below to view his work.

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