Original Skull Beads from Amor Y Locura


Black & White Skull Beads from Amor Y Locura

Photographs by Charlotte Pridding

18/12/12 – Day of the Dead Store on Gertrude Street offer Amazing Stock ready for Christmas!

The other day, my supervisor from uni had shown me these small ceramic skulls that she had purchased from the Day of the Dead Store in Melbourne. I just could not help myself, I quickly ran into the store and bought three ceramic skulls for myself; two in black and white and one in colour.

The skulls do appear to be hand crafted and the beads have proven to be very popular; I have seen many visitors within the store purchasing these small ceramic skulls. There were only a few left in stock as soon as I arrived to Amor Y Locura on Gertrude Street; an amazing Mexican store that sells a range of Mexican cookbooks, art books papier mache Skulls, hand crafted skeletons and jewellery. It’s very hard to walk into the store without buying anything, I must admit.

Colourful Skull Bead from Amor Y Locura

At first I was going to buy one skull and I walked out of the store with three, If you can leave the store without buying anything, you much have a lot of will power! Amor Y Locura do rotate their stock on a regular basis, so it is worth checking out the store for new stock. Now that I have the beads, I can now make a necklace, I just have to find a local jewellery store where I can purchase some thread.


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