Green and Blue Sugar Skull

DSC_0092 copy

17/12/12 – The Sugar Skulls Continue….

So I have this frenzy where I just cannot stop decorating sugar skulls, it’s really therapeutic sitting down and just decorating the skulls with colourful icing sugar. I would definitely recommend this activity if you do have a day off work or if you are looking for something to do, plus they do make great gifts for all sorts of special occasions 🙂 The more I decorate, the more I am learning about the sugar skulls, I decided to use blue and green icing sugar, although the icing was a little too runny. I do remember having to clean up a lot of icing that so happened to spill everywhere, but a paint brush is very handy for runny mixture.

To me the process is extremely important, it’s all about enjoying the experience and using your creativity to make something artistic and imaginative. Of course with practise the process does become easier, what I do like about the skulls is the fact that each person can contribute their own ideas and inspiration, each skull has quite an individual and unique quality.

I’ve uploaded some photographs, but I do plan to explore the sugar skulls in greater detail please stay tuned!

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