Blue, Yellow & Grey Sugar Skull


15/12/12 – Practising Sugar Skull Decorating 

Since it’s only a few days away till christmas, I thought I would decorate a sugar skull for my supervisor. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to practise on my sugar skull decorating skills with the royal icing. I must admit decorating a skull with icing sugar is quite challenging, the icing has to be the right consistency for your design to work properly.


I thought painting was difficult, using icing sugar as a paint brush is highly complex, especially when the mixture doesn’t exactly stick into the right place. So what do I do in this situation? I just keep going until I achieve a design I am pleased with. Decorating the skulls has made me realised how much time and effort goes into these sugar skulls especially for the Day of the Dead Celebration.


As many of you know by know I have been using black icing sugar but I decided to use a range of colours. For this skull I decided to use blue, yellow and grey, the design was quite spontaneous, although I am pleased with the colour combination. Over the summer holidays, it is my goal to perfect the art of sugar skull decorating, heck it may even take a few years, it’s a process that I enjoy so much I just cannot stop myself!

Stay tuned for my pictures of the sugar skulls!

Copyright Charlotte Pridding.

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