Skull tattoos on Lastest Television Show, America’s Worst Tattoos

14/12/12 – Megan Massacre turns the most Disastrous Design into an Amazing Skull Tattoo!

While browsing through Youtube one evening, I had discovered a recent television show aired in the United States, titles “America’s Worst Tattoos”, I will honestly admit that I have never seen so many horrible tattoos in my life, they are enough to make anyone cringe. What really interests me about this show is the tattoo artists who are able to turn the most horrible designs into a work of art!

Mexican Day of the Dead Tattoo designed by Megan Massacre

In the second episode, one lady had complained about a very strange looking tattoo on the back of her waist that was referred to as the “cookie monster”. Tattoo Artist, Megan Massacre was able to turn this horrible and deranged tattoo design into this highly decorative and detailed skull. The woman was instantly shocked when she had turned around and saw her amazing tattoo design for the very first time, in the episode she had mentioned that the rest of her tattoo designs would be skulls. See, it is so easy to become addicted to skulls!


Tattoo Design by Megan Massacre

So Megan Massacre has captured my attention throughout this latest television  show, Massacre is a tattoo artist and a professional model based in New York. While browsing through the artist’s website, I realised that the majority of designs do feature similar characteristics to the Mexican sugar skulls through the use of colour as well as the decorative patterns and designs. I’m am fascinated with the vibrant colours used in the artist’s tattoo designs, even the most macabre or sinister designs feature quite a unique style or aesthetic, as referenced by Megan Massacre’s official website.

Please click on the URL link below to view other tattoo designs by Megan Massacre.

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