Latest addition to my ongoing Skull Collection


Photography by Charlotte Pridding

13/12/12 – New Skull! 

This week, I received an early Christmas present, a ceramic skull ornament with decorative patterns printed onto the front. I was quite excited as I do love receiving skulls as gifts, especially ornaments that I can place around the house. Over the past year I have received a collection of small ceramic skulls that I have just fallen in love with! the different patterns and designs definitely adds a unique, distinctive quality.


This ceramic skull is quite large and the sharp teeth also adds a morbid or sinister appearance. What attracts me to this particular skull is the patterns that almost appear similar to tribal symbols. After another couple of days, I had then realised that the skull features an outline of a skull imprinted to the very top of the ceramic mould. The skull is now sitting on top of my bedroom wardrobe along with my skull collection that has been growing throughout a whole entire year.


It’s only one week till christmas and I cannot wait to find out if I had any other skulls waiting for me beneath the tree. Now that I am now an enthusiastic skull collector, (No I don’t mean real human skulls!) I cannot stop buying skull printed t-shirts, dresses, bandannas and other fashion accessories, althoughI have suddenly realised that all these consumer products have withdrawn my own connection or association with death. My thoughts do change on a regular basis, although i do find it challenging to actually look at a skull and think about death, especially with all these mass produced products and commodities.

I now wonder which christmas presents will become a part of my skull collection, I suppose I will have to wait and see.

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