Espolon Skeleton featured at Touche Hombre Restaurant


Image from Espolon Tequila

12/12/12 – Skulls becoming a Popular Trend?

So I was in the city last Wednesday and I had decided to eat at Touche Hombre, a Mexican Restaurant located in Melbourne, Lonsdale Street. The food is amazing and the interior decoration does feature skulls in almost every corner. I was sitting in the outdoor area and I managed to find this glass tube full of wax with a skeletal figure printed onto the front.

The skeletal figure is commonly featured on the Espolon Tequila bottles, the advertising and the product design also features similarities to Jose Posada’s animated prints. Espolon is great tequila by the way especially for the price, even the packaging is amazing! Well the glass tube I had found featured a very lively skeletal figure on top of a rooster, this image has been used for Espolon’s advertising and product design. I’m not too sure whether the image has been printed onto the glass tube or weather the glass has been moulded into a different shape, I personally believe this particular image would make an excellent tattoo design!

What I do love about Touche Hombre’s is the interior design, the place is decorated with neon lights, skulls, street art and amazing tattoo designs from influential artist’s such as Angelique Houtkamp. I am always inspiring by the different decorations and the designs within the restaurant.

There are skulls everywhere, in shops, restaurants and cafes I am seeing skulls printed onto all sorts of products and it’s popular than ever before. During the Christmas period, I am seeing skulls in almost every retail store across the city. At the beginning of the year this was a rear occurrence so it is interesting to see how quickly this trend has grown over the past year!

For more information about Espolon and Tough Hombre please click on the links below.

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