Work In Progress: Blue and Yellow Sugar Skull

10 – 11/12/12 – Decorating Sugar Skulls: Practise!  

So today, I decided to decorate a sugar skull that I had created for my exhibition. As I was searching through the very back of my closet, I had found a few sugar skulls left over, I carried them to the garden along with the icing sugar and I began to decorate the mould. For some reason I could not find any black food colouring, so I did wonder whether I was able to make black with red, green and blue. The icing wasn’t black although the colouring did produce a pale grey that I decided to use anyway.


I just used one bag of royal icing and I divided the mixture for the red, blue, green and yellow icing. The icing was quite thick and the temperate did not help my situation, although I was able to spread the mixture with a paint brush. I just planned the design at the spur of the moment, the blue and yellow icing do compliment one another and I thought the skulls would make excellent christmas presents.


The skull isn’t completed quite yet, all I have left to finish is the back of the mould and the teeth. I do intend to practise on the sugar skulls I had created last month ,decorating the mould’s is quite challenging as the icing sugar has to be right consistency otherwise the mixture will be quite difficult to work with. As long as the mixture isn’t too runny, I can always work with the thick icing sugar, the actual mixture I had produced actually delivered some interesting results, the icing features a textural / tactile quality that compliments with the actual sugar skull mould.

I will be creating more sugar skulls in the upcoming weeks and I shall post some more images of the most recent sugar skull once it’s completed, stay tuned!

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