Day of the Dead Christmas Ornaments designed by Peachy Cheek

Sugar Skull Christmas Tree (3)

9/12/12 – Skulls for Christmas! Peachy Cheek Blog presents unique Christmas, Day of the Dead Decorations.

 So Christmas is just around the corner and everyone has been busy christmas shopping, I decided to take myself to the nearest shopping centre and I was surrounded by skull t-shirts, storage containers, money boxes, note pads, pens, shoes, even electronic equipment; the skull appears to be a popular item this christmas. While searching or browsing the web, I discovered a blog also known as Peachy Cheek that sells a range of hand crafted items. In Kim’s most recent post, there are several images that feature colourful Day of the Dead Christmas ornaments.

I was instantly fascinated with the combination between the Day of the Dead Celebration and Christmas. The ornaments are inspired by the sugar skulls; the different patterns and designs are quite amazing. The skulls are well designed and the patterns also feature a unique and creative style, I didn’t think anybody would actually use Day of the Dead decorations for christmas, although these ornaments do look great on a Christmas tree.

Peachy Cheek is currently selling Day of the Dead ornaments, please click on the link below for further information.

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