Skull Tattoo Design by Cecil Porter



- Sullen Angels release another amazing tattoo design by Cecil Porter via Facebook

Due to the fact that it’s extremely hot today, I mean 38 Degree with hot northerly winds, I decided to browse through my Facebook page for any interesting tattoo designs relating to the Day of the Dead. At the moment I have been following Sullen Angels, a brand based in the USA; their page always features amazing tattoo designs from other international artists.

This morning, I discovered the most incredible tattoo design that features a young woman wearing a skull mask decorated with colourful and illustrative patterns. The level of detail os amazing and the colours do highlight the different patterns and designs within the actual image. The tattoo was designed by Cecil Porter, a tattoo artist located in California, while searching through the artist’s website, the majority of tattoos often feature celebrities, animals, skulls and popular fictional characters.

Porters website also contains a range of amazing watercolour paintings of super heroes, the amount of detail is very impressive, the paintings remind me of the images that one would see in a comic book. Ok, so back to the tattoo that I had found on the web, the detail around the eyes, nose and the mouth does remind me of the Mexican sugar skulls. The skull mask also features a very dynamic composition with the skull that appears to be tattooed to the woman’s arm.

This design is definitely one of the most amazing tattoos I have ever seen, if I had to choose a tattoo for myself, I would not hesitate to get this one. The image effectively combines beauty with the macabre through the use of colour, tone and composition. For more information click on the links below and remember to check out Cecil’s Porter’s website for more amazing tattoo designs.

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