Skull Tattoo by Marcel Daatz


7/12/12 – Sullen Angel’s Facebook Profile features incredible Skull Tattoo designed by Marcel Daatz. 

The past week, I have been following Sullen on Facebook, an american brand that designs t-shirts, jackets and other fashion accessories with Day of the Dead imagery or skulls. I have recently discovered an image that was uploaded to their page a couple of days ago; the photograph features a woman with her neck and head titled upwards in order to reveal her skull tattoo. The tattoo was designed by Marcel Daatz,  an artist who is located in Germany.

The skull does feature a very high level of detail and colours do add depth to the image. The tattoo is very well designed, the use of tone and composition also highlights the flowers surrounding the skull. On the other hand, the tattoo is positioned in a very unusual place, on the very front of the neck, while the tattoo doe feature a very unique style, I personally wouldn’t get a tattoo on my neck.

The skull also features quite a dark and sinister appearance, I do not believe the image would deliver the same effect if it was tattooed to someone’s arm or chest. The very fact that the tattoo is placed on the neck is what makes the image kind of creepy and macabre. Every time I view this image, I always think…wow that must have been so painful! While the actual design is unique and artistic, I’m not too keen with the idea of having a tattoo on the neck. I must admit, this woman is very brave to have a tattoo in this particular area.

If you are interesting in viewing other tattoos or designs please visit Sullen’s Facebook page.

Or check out some of Marcel Daatz’s other tattoo designs, they are amazing!

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