New Store in Geelong, Juggernort sells Skull printed T-shirts and Accessories

4/12/12 – Who Are Sullen Art Collective?

On one of my christmas shopping trips, a friend had introduced me to this new retail store in Geelong, Juggernort. As soon as I walked into the store, all I could see were skulls. There were skull printed t-shirts, dresses, crop tops, singlets, wallets, stickers and even corsets! Even the walls were covered with skulls along with advertisements and posters for Sullen clothing.

So what is Sullen clothing? I didn’t even know this brand even existed until I walked into this store. Sullen is an American brand that distributes a range of t-shirts and accessories for men, on the other hand Sullen Angels is designed for women, this particular brand does use the skull for the majority of their own collections and outfits. According to Sullen’s official website, the brand is inspired by tattoo art and fashion ‘subcultures’, such as “punk, rock and hip hop”. (Sullen Angel Website, 2011)

I was in awe and I had never seen so many skulls in the same room! The t-shirt designs were very creative and artistic, they’re not just a t-shirt with a skull, they actually feature various patterns, colours and compositions. I literally wanted to buy everything in the store, most of the t-shirt designs were inspired by the Mexican sugar skulls as well as the Day of the Dead face painting.

The gentleman behind the desk was also very enthusiastic and friendly to talk to, he did point out some designs within the store that I would like. I have struggled to find interesting t-shirt designs in the women’s department, now I know where to find them! The guy within the store was also interested in the Mexican sugar skulls and it was great to see all the different products, especially the t-shirts and the singlets. Sullen have also created a unique style for their own brand; most of the t-shirts combine Day of the Dead imagery with a punk / rock aesthetic.

If you are interested in skulls and the Mexican Day of the Dead, then i would recommend visiting Juggernort in Geelong or just visit their Facebook Page for more information.

Sullen Angel Official Website, “About Us”,

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