Mexican Day of the Dead Skateboard


2/12/12 – Skull Skateboard designed by Habitat 

While walking to the cinemas, I had walked past a surf/skate store in Geelong’s city centre. The front window display had instantly captured my attention and I had realised that there was a skateboard with a blue and white Mexican Day of the Dead skull printed to the back. The surfboard featured quite a simplistic design, geometrical shapes are used to define a basic outline of a skull. These components also compliment the logo or the design that is placed within the centre of the skull, the different letters appear similar to a set of teeth.


The flowers and the patterns around the eye sockets are minimal although this works well with the overall design for the skateboard. If I knew how to skate and I mean skate properly, I would have bought this skateboard, the actual design features some unique and distinctive characteristics. The colours are definitely eye-catching, I actually crossed the road to view the skateboard in the front window.

What I did find thoroughly entertaining was the fact that the Mexican skull skateboard was placed opposite a skateboard with two half-naked women making out.  I did laugh as I did find this quite a random juxtaposition, although I must admit, the skateboard designs do attract attention from the public. I am not too sure who has designed the skateboard because the store was closed but I do intend to go back and find out. I have discovered that the skateboard is designed by Habitat, a brand that designs shoes, t-shirts, hats and decks, there isn’t too much information about the company, although their designs are definitely trendy and fashionable. For more information please visit Habitat’s website by clicking on the URL below.

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