Latest Skull Tank Top

1/12/12 – Tank tops/ T-Shirts with the Skull

While searching through my closet, I found my skull tank top that I have received as a gift a couple of weeks ago. The golden beads that are attached to the very front of the tank top resemble the shape of a human skull. I was quite glad that I did manage to find this particular top because the whether was just way too hot! I also like the fact that the beads reflect different colours in the sunlight and the skull does contrast with the dark background.

I have noticed that there are plenty of women that wear skull tank tops but why is it so difficult to find t-shirts in women’s sizes? As I was walking through the shopping centre today, I had discovered more skull printed t-shirts for men, it’s just a shame really because I do like to wear these particular designs, although I do struggle to find them in my size.

Anyway I am very attached to my tank top and the skull does feature some unique characteristics, this will become the perfect top for summer especially in Melbourne. The beads also create some distinctive patterns around the eye sockets, the foreheads as well as the teeth; these characteristics also remind me of the Mexican Day of the Dead skulls that also feature illustrative or decorative designs. The skull in tank tops / t-shirt designs appears to be a popular trend at the moment, the skull is beginning to emerge from various retail stores and shopping outlets around the city of Melbourne, I don’t think the skull will ever die in fashion.

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