Skulls in Celebrity Culture

27/11/12 – Skulls, Skulls and more Skulls!

The other day, I have discovered that the skull has become extremely popular in the celebrity culture. In the image at the top, celebrities such as Ke$ha, Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna have been photographed wearing skull printed t-shirts, dresses, tops and costumes. Lohan’s black and white dress does appear similar to Alexander McQueen’s skull printed scarf that has become another popular trend in the fashion industry.

In the image to the right, Rihanna is photographed wearing a simple black dress with a skull printed in the middle and Ke$ha appears to be wearing a glittery or sparkly costume with a skeletal figure printed to the front. It is interesting to note that all of the outfits in the image are black and white, there are no colourful or decorative patterns. Perhaps the black and white is popular is the most popular pattern / design in contemporary fashion and the celebrity culture.


Pink as a Day of the Dead Tattoo

On Facebook I also discovered a photograph of a famous motorcyclist, Cary Hart’s and his Day of the Dead tattoo that features a young girl with the Mexican skulls painted onto her face. The tattoo is well designed and the level of detail is incredible, especially the rose that is used for the hat. The tattoo appears very similar to the artist, Pink especially the bright blonde hair that protrudes from the rimmed hat.

From further research, I had realised that Cary Hart is married to the singer, Pink who has been tattooed to his own body. According to Mark Grey from People.Com, Hart had admitted to the press that the tattoo is inspired by the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico.  I must admit, this is definitely my favourite tattoo so far, although I have seen a lot of young men in the city with Day of the Dead tattoos, this design in particular must be a popular trend at the moment.

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