Day of the Dead Skulls in Ke$ha’s Performance, Die Young

26/11/12 – Ke$sha at the MTV Awards

The other day, a colleague at work had mentioned the Mexican Day of the Dead makeup that was used for Ke$ha’s performance “Die Young” at the 2012, MTV Awards. I must admit the makeup and the costumes are pretty amazing, although the signing wasn’t exactly the best. The back up dancers featured a unique and  make up style and the performance was very interesting to watch. The back up dancers displayed some incredible moves and the choreography was very compelling, although I wasn’t to impressed with Ke$ha’s own singing.

Other than that, the performance was quite create in terms of the makeup and the props that were used on stage. It would have been really cool if Ke$ha also had the Mexican Skull makeup, although her costume did contrast with the colourful dancers in the background. The performance does indicate that the Mexican Day of the Dead skulls are becoming increasingly popular in today’s visual culture. After recognizing the Mexican hand crafted skulls around the city of Melbourne, I am beginning to notice them in all sorts of designs such as tattoos, visual merchandise, laptop covers, t-shirts and performances such as Ke$ha’s, “Die Young”. It will be interesting to see whether the Mexican Day of the Dead skulls increase in popularity over the next few months.

To see Kesha’s performance, please click on the link below.

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