Final Day of the Exhibition: Decorating the Sugar Skulls.

24/11/12 – Sugar Skulls Part IV

On the last day of the exhibition, I decided to decorate the sugar skulls that I had displayed on a separate plinth opposite the altar and the photomontage. Visitors who had entered the gallery space had decorated the skulls with the black icing sugar and sequins that were placed within the very front window of the gallery, I must admit the sugar skulls did attract attention from people walking up and down the street. There were at least two or three people who did stop at the front window to look at the sugar skulls.

It was great to see the visitors decorate the sugar skulls and each mould featured a unique style. I decided to place all the sugar skulls back onto the plinth in order to take some photographs away from the sun. Making the icing sugar was actually quite difficult, if the icing isn’t the right consistency it can become either to runny or too solid. On one of skull’s, the icing and just spilled everywhere, although the different patterns did created quite an interesting effect.

I was so relieved once I had finally completed the entire exhibition and everyone had enjoyed decorating the sugar skulls. I’m always attracted to exhibitions or public spaces that have some form of interactivity, plus I had so much fun decorating the sugar skulls, I thought the visitors would also like to customise their own skulls. I decided to create 15 – 17 blank sugar skulls that people were able to decorate, this was a last-minute decision and I really enjoyed moulding the skulls from the sugar. The skulls that I did not use for the altar were used as part of another installation that visitors were able to engage with.

The exhibition did take a while to install, although I was pleased when everything was finally completed. The works on display were very different from what I was expecting, although the photographic montage and the altar achieved the objectives I had planned for the research project. To me, the photos and the installation work well together and they also combine both Mexican and Western interpretations of the skull, which is what I intended to do at the very beginning of the year.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has assisted me this year especially with the written thesis and the exhibition! Whats the next step then, now that everything has finished for the year? Well I am hoping to start designing my own t-shirts, start working on a magazine and keep working on the black Calavera brand! Stay tuned for further updates!

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