Sugar Skulls Part III

21/11/12 – Sugar Skulls in Black Calavera Exhibition 

As part of the exhibition, I also installed a section where visitors were able to decorate their own sugar skulls. I personally believe that is important for the viewer to actually interact with the works and to understand the various patterns or designs that are used for the sugar skulls. I also though that this particular section would add entertainment and excitement to the exhibition.

I created some sugar skulls that were then installed onto a separate plinth and the sequins, ribbons and icing sugar were placed onto a smaller plinth with a list of instructions. To me the whole process is making and decorating the skulls, I really wanted to share this experience with the visitors that walked into the gallery space. While decorating the skulls is an important process, enjoying the experience and having fun is the most important element within this particular activity. So grab some sugar and starting constructing your own skulls, not only is the process entertaining but you will also have you own hand crafted skull!

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