Photography Competition & Other Projects

Charlotte Pridding, Mictlantecuhtli, 2012

10 – 15/11/12 – What has been Happening in the Past 5 Days?

So I do usually post everyday, due to the amount of work I have at the moment, I have only been able to blog every second or third day. I’ve just decided to discuss what I’ve currently been working on in the past 5 days, but I’ll be up to dat after next Tuesday, the Black Calavera exhibition will be finished. I am actually very nervous, although I’m very excited!

Anyway, I decided to submit one of my photographs into a competition in Melbourne at the Centre of Contemporary Photography. I had the photo professionally printed, mounted and framed, although I had completely forgotten to take a photograph of the final results before I handed the work over to the gallery. I’ve just uploaded the image I entered into the competition but next time I’ll remember to take a photograph for the blog.

The Kodak Salon is an annual competition that takes place each year at the Centre of Contemporary Photography in Melbourne that provides artists / photographers the opportunity to submit their work. I decided to use my photograph of me appropriating Mictlantecuhtli (Goddess of Death in Aztec Mythology) This is one of my favourite photographs I have taken so far and the darkness definitely adds a contrast with the makeup I have used.

I had received mixed responses from the people at the picture framers and the gallery assistants. While some had said the photograph was dark and morbid, others had said how much they love the Mexican culture and the Day of the Dead. It all depends on what the person is interested in, I suppose.

I’m attending the opening night next week where they will announce the winner for the Kodak Salon, but I shall keep up all updated, wish me luck!

Charlotte Pridding, Mictlantecuhtli II 2012: Photo copy placed under hot water for 5 minutes, changed the colour of the photograph from blue to pink and green. Front of the Photograph.

Other Projects

Test # 1

Moving on to another project, I have decided to manipulate various copies of the same image with water which produced some very interesting results. I have been trying to use water, cello tape and paint in order to manipulate the surface of the photographic prints in order to present ideas of death, decay and destruction.
I decided to put one of my photograph’s under hot water until the surface began to deteriorate. I had accidentally printed the photograph blue and I decided to use it for another experimentation, the photograph began to change colours which was really interesting.

The back of the Photograph. The water produced two different images on the front and the back of the photograph. 

The most interesting effect is the fact that the water has produced a different effect on each side of the paper. The paper was also scrunched in order to create a distressed appearance to the photograph, I do appear rather creepy or even mysterious. I almost appear to be submerged into water and my left eye has been completely distorted from the water, this photograph almost reminds me of the old woman from Snow White or even a character from a horror film. It’s surprising what you can make from a single sheet of paper!

Charlotte Pridding, Mictlantecuhtli II 2012, Photograph with Cello tape. 

Test # 2

In photograph, I had scrunched the paper and layered the entire surface in cello tape, these materials provides the images with a textural surface that is quite effective. I do appear dark and very sinister in this photo, the modifications definitely enhances the notion of death and destruction. My self images has been distorted to the extent where I have to hold the image on different angles in order to view myself in the photograph.

The reflective surface of the cello tape does make it quite difficult to see the detail within the original image, which is quite effective in a way, the photo provides a level of ambiguity. I almost appear to be emerging from the darkness into the light, it almost feels like I am looking at a un living version of myself. The cello tape definitely adds a distressed, morbid appearance, in a way I’ve achieved what I had aimed to do in the first place.

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