Day of the Dead Heels by Polyvore

8/11/12 – Polyvore’s Recent Collection Featuring the Mexican Sugar Skulls 

Over the past few days, I have realised there are quite a lot of high heel shoes with the Mexican Day of the Dead Skulls printed onto the front. Polyvore is an online store that sells a range of high heels and other fashion accessories. While browsing the net, I found a pair of very colourful and decorative Day of the Dead heels that are currently for sale on Polyvore’s website. I am definitely attracted to the composition between the blue Mexican sugar skulls and the red roses, these high heels sure have a unique pattern and design. I can definitely see my feet in a pair of these high heels, in fact I am very tempted to buy them once I have the money.

For some strange reason, the Mexican Day of the Dead skulls have become a popular design for high heel shoes, which is good news actually because I do like the Mexican sugar skulls. If you like these heels as much as I do, check out Polyvore’s website for more information.

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