Faster Pussycat: Recent Skull Collection

Men’s Skull printed T-Shirt: Faster Pusscat

7/11/12 – Faster Pussycat: The Ideal Place for all your Skull Accessories! 

As you all may know, I am currently following Faster Pussycat, a really interesting boutique store on the corner of Gertrude Street in Melbourne. Well I discovered these retro high heels inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead Skulls, while browsing through their Facebook Page, I found all these really cool t-shirt designs that are also inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Women’s Skull Printed t-Shirt II by Faster Pussycat

On the Facebook page, Faster Pussycat released a range of t-shirts, shirts, cardigans, dresses and children’s clothing as part of their new collection for the Day of the Dead Celebration. In the past I have struggled to skull printed t-shirts in women, now I know where to go for all of my skull accessories! The t-shirts on display do feature very illustrative patterns and designs, I wouldn’t mind buying one of these t-shirts for myself!

Window Display for Mexican Day of the Dead by Faster Pussycat

During the Day of the Dead, the store was also decorated with papier-mache skulls and skeletons that had definitely captured my attention as I was walking past. Faster Pussycat also sells a range of children’s clothing with the skull printed onto the front, the clothes are always displayed in the front window. The skull is definitely becoming a popular trend, considering that there are now skull printed t-shirts for young children. If you are interested in skull t-shirts or other fashion accessories I would recommend visiting their store if you are near by or just check out their Facebook Profile.

All of the photographs are extracted from Faster Pussycat’s Facebook Page, I do not own any rights.

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