Day of the Dead Skulls for High Heels

7/9/12 – Skulls printed onto High Heels designed by Faster Pussycat

Over the past week or so, I have been following Faster Pussycat on Facebook who have posted most of their latest collections for both men and women. Faster Pussycat is a boutique store on the corner of Gertrude Street, Melbourne that sells very unique or distinctive outfits. What I do enjoy the most, is walking past the shop, Faster Pussycat always features a very artistic and decorative window display that always makes me stop every time I’m on Gertrude Street.

Well anyway, as I was searching through their Facebook Page, I found a pair of amazing high heels with the mexican Day of the Dead skulls printed onto the front. The illustrations are unique and the skulls do feature a strong composition with the roses and the polka dots. The vibrant colours and the patterns also remind me of the Mexican Day of the Dead. If you have not heard of Faster Pussycat, click on the link below to visit their Facebook Page.

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