Sugar Skull Workshop II

1. Sugar Skull Mould ready for Decoration

4/11/12 – Developmental Work

So in the last post, I attended the sugar skull workshop at the immigration museum that was absolutely amazing! Decorating the actual sugar skulls was a lot harder than what I was expecting, squeezing the icing sugar onto the mould was quite challenging. The workshop was full and there were some really artistic and decorative designs!

2. Squeezing blue icing sugar onto the eye sockets

This was my first time making a sugar skull, although I was to make another one, I would pay close attention to the icing sugar….as they say practise makes perfect.

3. Squeezing pink icing sugar onto the other skull designed by Sean Breasley

Due to the time constraints, I had ran out of time to finalise my design although I am quite pleased with the results. I just need to practise using the icing sugar, although I would like to start designing my own sugar skulls.

4. Adding different patterns and designs to the forehead of the Skull.

Considering that I have been uploading my work in process for the past eight months, I thought I would upload the developmental work from the sugar skull workshop. I attended the workshop with Sean Breasley, he also has a really cool blog that you should definitely check out! Please click on the link below for more information.

5. Adding sequins to the eye sockets

6. Adding feathers and love heart sequins

7. Adding icing sugar to the teeth

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