New Skull T-Shirts

15/10/12 – Skull T-Shirts from Jay Jay’s

At the moment, I’ve been trying to search for skull printed t-shirts, I am currently obsessed with finding anything that is related to the skull. I have been searching through all the retail outlets in Melbourne and most of the skull printed t-shirts are found within the men’s department. I began to question why I couldn’t find the same t-shirt designs in the ladies department?

So what is the solution to this problem? I decided to buy men’s t-shirts in extra small, I do find the t-shirt designs way more interesting compared to some of the t-shirts I have seen in the ladies department. So Jay Jay’s is currently selling some skull printed t-shirts that I had decided to buy for myself, even though they are men’s sizes, I can always shrink them in the wash. The designs also refer to the Mexican Day of the Dead Skulls!

If you’re into skull printed t-shirts, I would recommend visiting Jay Jay’s or visit their website.

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