Typo Skull

13/10/12 – Typo use Skulls for their Latest Collection. 

The other day, I was walking through Melbourne Central and I recognised a stationary store known as Typo, in the front window there was an image of a bright orange skull with a moustache, a bright green bow tie and a purple hat. The different colours defiantly captured my attention and I suddenly found myself walking into this stationary store, the very first I had noticed were these skull money boxes that appear to be very popular at the moment.

As I kept walking through this store I had noticed skull notepads, books, storage containers, iphone covers, laptop cases, photo frames, pencil cases even stickers. Almost everything in the store had a skull printed onto the front, I was surrounded by skulls, I didn’t know where to look first! I must admit, I was very tempted to buy the skull notepad for all my uni notes, but I restrained myself considering I have quite a large skull collection already. I decided to have a look at the website, even the front page and the banner is decorated with skulls.

If you are looking for skull printed notepads or books, then drop into Typo or check out their website, the designs are pretty cool!


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