Patient O: IRL Shooter comes to Melbourne

14/10/12 – Skull Advertisement for Patient O: Latest Zombie Game coming to Melbourne on Halloween

This month I have seen quite a lot of advertisements for Halloween, although I have noticed this particular advertisement on the corner of Flinders Lane in Melbourne. The image of the decomposing skull captured my attention, after further research I had realised that the image was advertising “Patient O”, an event in Melbourne featuring a “realistic, first person shooter game” where the participants must defeat the zombies in order to complete certain missions.

The event will commence on Halloween and ‘Patient O’ is described as a “IRL Shooter” game, I imagine this game to be similar to those shooter games you play in the arcades, where you walk around in this empty space with electronic guns, shooting or attacking the other opponents for extra points. I’m not a hundred percent sure what the game involves exactly but perhaps I’ll go to the event just to find out!

One response to “Patient O: IRL Shooter comes to Melbourne

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