Skulls in Hitman Absolution Trailer

Hitman Absolution: Saints ICA Files Trailer

10/10/12 – Skull Symbol: Latest Trailer for HItman

The Trailer for Hitman Absolution has raised public attention due to a scene that features a group of “Sexy nuns” dressed in provocative outfits. I have also recognised different versions of the trailer, there is one in particular that features skulls, these images are juxtaposed with photographs of the nuns that I had seen in the previous advertisement.

It’s strange because there are times where I don’t expect to see skulls and they continue to reappear in contemporary art, popular culture and digital media. It’s interesting to see the female character as the villain especially in video games and the skull may symbolise danger.

Hitman Absolution: Saints Trailer

I haven’t actually played Hitman before, after watching the recent trailer I do feel very tempted to buy an Xbox and this game! The skull within the trailer appears to be a symbol of some sort; not entirely sure what this image represents but I have noticed that the ‘sexy nuns’ have tattooed the skull onto their arms.

I’m not exactly sure why the trailer features a group of sexy nuns trying to assassinate the main character although I want to buy this just to find out what happens in the game.

T-Shirts from Clutter Magazine: Hitman Symbol

I also realised that clutter magazine also sell some really cool t-shirt designs, one t-shirt in particular features the symbol from Hitman which I am tempted to buy for myself! If you do like playing Hitman check out the latest trailer!

I have recognised the skull in many video games, from my observations the symbol is used to warn the player when something dangerous is about to occur.

Clutter Magazine,

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