Chris Brown’s: Controversial Tattoo

9/10/12 – Chris Brown Weird Skull Tattoo: Complete Opposite to the Mexican Day of the Dead Skulls!

All over the internet I am finding all sorts of new articles about Chris Brown’s latest tattoo. So, I was watching television in the front room while typing on the computer and I decided to search for images on this controversial tattoo design.

Well….I don’t know what to think of it, I usually like anything that’s controversial but this tattoo design seems kind of tasteless. According to Jennifer Pearson from the Daily Mail, signer Chris Brown had that the tattoo was inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead skulls. Well, the design seems kind of distorted, it’s hard to actually interpret the design, although I do not believe that this tattoo reflects the Day of the Dead artistically or creatively! In fact it’s the complete opposite, all I can see is a woman with weird designs on her face, I do admit I do find this tattoo rather confusing and problematic.

The Daily Mail has suggested that the tattoo is a representation of Brown’s former girlfriend, Rihanna. I wasn’t impressed with this tattoo design at all, to me it has no artistic context what so ever. The tattoo looks like a zombie rather than a Mexican Day of the Dead skull! This tattoo is definitely not an accurate representation of the Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration, I can’t even see any direct connections with the skull what so ever! Please feel free to comment. I would really like to hear your own thoughts and opinions 😀

Jennifer Pearson, “Going for the Jugular: Now Chris Brown get a Lion Tattoo as he Adds to Neck Artwork”, Daily Mail, 2012, (Accessed 19/10/12)

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