Ska Brewing Company

6/10/12 – Skull Beer

So yesterday, I had found a photograph of a bottle of beer with a skeleton in the middle. I did not know what the beer was called, although I had received a comment from another blogger who had said that the beer is made from the Ska Brewing Company. I have realised that the skull is used for some of their advertising and product design, including the range of t-shirts that are for sale online. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, awesome skull t-shirt designs. If you are looking for some skull t-shirts I would recommend clicking on the link below.

I haven’t tried this particular kind of beer although it is definitely on my to do list! It’s strange to think that the skull is now used for alcohol packaging, when it is also used for poison bottles aswell. I suppose the skull is reproduced to the stage, where the meaning has become completely ambiguous, does the skull even have a meaning anymore?

Anyway, I decided to have a look at Ska’s website and I must admit, the website was visually entertaining. The entire site is very well designed, I was able to navigate through each page without any hassle or issues. The website is displayed like an interactive comic book and the illustrations are visually appealing.

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