Bom Bom: Sam and the Womp

7/10/12 – Bright Pink Misfit Jumper in Video Clip

Ok so I must admit, every time I hear this song I get excited when “Bom Bom” by Sam and the  Womp comes onto the Radio. I do get really strange looks from people when I’m sitting in my car and I’m yelling the lyrics to myself. Well anyway, I remember watching a music video clip on television for this song, a member of the bad was wearing a fluro pink skull jumper.

It’s quite strange when you’re not expecting to see the skull and there it is, in a video clip with flashing colours. When I watched the video clip on youtube, I realised that the jumper featured the logo from the misfits, only this jumper is bright pink. I’m not a huge fan of the misfit, although I do like this bright pink jumper in the video clip, it’s totally something I would wear.

The video itself is bright, loud and extremely colourful, your eyes do not know where to look next. If you can watch this video clip without feeling dizzy, I would recommend it, the music is rather cool and there’s a man wearing a bright pink misfits jumper!

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