Laughing Skull Beer

5/10/12 – Skulls in Product Design!

While I was searching through the notifications on my WordPress account, I found a travel blog also named, “Everywhere Once”. I discovered a post about beer and American Pale Ale, in the photograph I had discovered a bottle with a skeleton within the middle. I couldn’t find any further information about this particular brand of beer and I cannot see the entire name on the front of bottle.

For more information about this post please click on the link below.

I decided to search for other brands of beer that may have used the skull for their own product design or advertising. From the search results, I had discovered a brand also known as “Laughing Skull” that is also produced by an American company, Red Brick. The skull actually reminds me of Tim Burton’s gothic and eccentric designs through the spirally eye sockets.

I’ve never actually tried this particular kind of beer, I drink more tequila and cider rather then beer, although I was particularly fascinated in the product design. According to the Red Brick Website, Laughing Skull is an “Amber Ale” made in Atlanta.

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