Image sourced  from Fieldey’s Blog. “The New Holy Trinity”

4/10/12 – Skulls in Fieldey’s Skateboard and Surfboard Designs!

A few weeks ago, I had found a really interesting blog, Fieldey is an Australian artist from Perth who creates illustrative and artistic designs for skateboards and surfboards. The Logo at the very top of the blog definitely attracts my attention and I decided to search through the site. I found some really interesting surfboard designs that feature similarities to the Mexican Day of the Dead skulls.

As I read through the post, I realised that the designs portray highly influential artists who had passed away in their late 20’s, these artists include “Amy Whinehouse, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix” as referenced by Fieldey. This is definitely a very interesting idea and the designs feature a striking composition between colour, form and tone. These three main components definitely highlights the characters who may feature similar characteristics to a zombie wearing Mexican Day of the Dead face paint.

These particular designs also reflects the artist’s interests in tattoo art and the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. One could argue that, the skateboards do feature similarities to various tattoo designs through the use of typography and images such as roses, guns, martini glasses and leaves. These works are incredible and extremely well designed! if you are into skateboard designs I would definitely recommend reading through this particular blog post.

If you’re into skulls in skateboard and surfboard designs that I would also recommend checking out Fieldey’s website,

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