Skull Collection

2/10/12 – Taking Photographs of my Skull Collection!

I havent posted anything for at least two weeks! I’ve been so busy catching up with my thesis, I have had absolutely no time for myself. Well anyway, I was in the middle of writing a new post about two weeks ago and I thought I would actually post it. I have also realised that I have been blogging every single day for seven months, which is quite an achievement considering that I have been so busy with other assignments.

I  remembered that I have a small collection of ceramic skulls sitting on the top of my bed side table. I had received the skulls as a birthday present and I was interested in the different shapes, patterns and designs that were imprinted onto the surface of each skull.

The morning sunlight began to shine through the window and I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to take some more photographs. I do love to take photographs and I was instantly captivated with my mini skull collection that I had placed on my beside table.

The macro lens that I had bought a couple of years ago was ideal for close up shots! I’m not exactly sure if there’s a meaning behind the photographs; I usually tend to take photographs of anything that generally interests me.

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