Skulls in Borderlands

29/9/12 – Playing Borderlands on the Xbox

On wednesday and thursday night, I’ve been playing borderlands on the X-Box. It’s was just great to actually take a break from all the study that is slowly piling onto my desk each week. Borderlands was quite different from what I was expecting and the game does feature quite a lot of violence.

The main objective of the game is to complete missions within the abandoned city that is infested with dangerous bandits and malicious beasts. I played as Lilith, a female character who was able to become invisible in order to attack her opponents. Along the way you find grenades, guns and vehicles that assist you in your journey through the deserted town.

The more bandits and dogs you are able to kill, the stronger your character becomes. I am currently up to level 13, which I think is pretty good considering that I don’t really play a lot of games.

What I did notice while I was playing the game is the image of the skull in various locations. The skull would often appear in certain areas and locations in the game that would alert the player when something dangerous was about to occur. The skull with the wings was often used to signify a highly powerful opponent that could not be defeated without the right skill set.

The skull was also used for the grenades that is now a recognisable icon in the visual culture. I really enjoyed playing borderlands I would definitely have to play the second one!

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