Manzana Craneo II

26/9/12 – Work in Progress: Apple Skull

Illustration by Charlotte Pridding Logo by Apple Incorporated. I don’t own any rights.

A few days ago, I had completed one of my illustrations that I found in an old visual diary in the back of my closet. Illustration is not my forte so I do tend to leave unfinished drawings all over the house.

This time I actually decided to complete one of them and I was actually pleased with the final results! I used the apply symbol and the shape of a human skull to create a completely different image. I’m not too sure what the image represents, all I know is….I like apple products and I like skulls.

I decided to scan and photocopy the illustration in black and white. I had printed at least four of five copies of the same image that were then covered with black paint. I have no idea why I had decided to use the black paint, it was just an idea that I had at the time and I wanted to try different styles / techniques.

I mixed the black paint with some water into a small jar and I splashed the paint onto the illustrations. I do tend to become very precious with my work and I will spend quite a long period of time rending an illustration, although I thought it would be interesting to actually dismantle or de construct what I have actually created.

From the process I have realised it takes hours, weeks, months to create an actual piece of work that is high quality but it only takes a few minutes to completely tear it apart. The whole idea is to push myself to try different styles and techniques, don’t be afraid to try something completely different because you may produce something quite interesting or unique.

One could say I’ve always been a little rigid with my work and my technique and now I have decided to travel beyond my comfort zone, to expand and develop my own practise. At the moment I have been photo copying the same image in order to find different ways to distort and re construct the actual image. The black paint was a spontaneous idea, although the medium that was used does provide a totally different effect to the image itself.

I had decided to use paint for some crazy reason, I do have photo shop but I am on a different computer at the moment. I inverted the colours / shades on the program that actually provided a very interesting effect! The aim is to continue practising with as many different methods, techniques and styles in order to separate all the reproduced images from it’s original form.  All of the experiments will definitely provide different ideas and concepts for my exhibition towards the end of the year.

To view the original image please click on the link below.

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