25/9/12 – Advertisement for the latest horror / anthology film

So at the moment I’m at university on school holidays (something that I must add) studying and researching for my project.It’s such a lovely day outside, not a cloud in the sky and for some strange reason I have decided to work in the library. Well anyway, I am currently typing the second chapter for my thesis and I decided to log into my word press. I do follow many blogs,although I have not seen any recent updates in the past few days. At the very top of my screen, I had recognized a post from “Cinema Knife Fight”, a blog that discusses popular horror films and thrillers in contemporary cinema.

I haven’t personally seen the film, I was just interested in the advertisement that features a very basic representation of a skull. Video cassetes have been used to create a image of the skull and I do find this advertisement quite creative. I decided to research the film and Ellen Connoly from the Daily Mail explains that the film was shown at the “Sundance Film Festival”. According to Connoly’s article, the film was so horrific and grotesque, one man become violently ill from the graphic material in the film.

I still do not know what the film is about, although Connoly explains that the film features a group of people who encounter violent, “homemade” video tapes in an abandoned house. I decided to watch the trailer for the film and I must admit, VHS looks pretty terrifying and I wouldn’t watch this film while I was home alone.

Ellen Connoly, “The horror movie so terrifying it made audiences SICK: Ambulances called to  screening at Sundance festival”, The Daily Mail, 2012, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2094187/V-H-S-horror-movie-Sundance-Film-Festivals-graphic-scenes-audiences-SICK.html (Accessed 24/9/12)

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