Modern Lovers T-Shirt: Diamond Eyes

24/9/12 – Awesome Skull T-Shirts

I decided to browse through my Facebook page and I found an image of a Mexican skull T-Shirt.  On the website, “Too Fast”, there is a collection of t-shirts, dresses, pants and jackets that feature the image of the skull. There are t-shirts and jackets that also reference the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico and the sugar skulls.

That patterns and designs are very creative and I am tempted to buy a t-shirt online. It’s been quite difficult to actually find skull t-shirts in shops and retail stores around the city. Everytime I walk into a store, I always walk to the men’s section because they’ll usually have very cool and interesting T-shirts on display. I can actually find an extra small men’s t-shirt, I was proberly buy it.

The internet sells really cool T-shirts at a reasonable price but I have been dissapointed with the actual retail stores. I often question where the awesome skull t-shirts dissapeared to? Why can’t I find a skull t-shirt without thin, lacey material? All I want is a normal T-shirt with a skull on it.

I mean there are skull t-shirts in lady’s fashion, although I haven’t seen one I have actually liked so far, although the “Too Fat” is exactly what I’m looking for! Artistic and stylish T-shirt designs with Day of the Dead imagery and skulls, the perfect combination!

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