Jolita Jewellery

Voodoo, Skull Collection by Jolita Jewllery

23/9/12 – Skull Earings, Braclets and Necklaces.

A few months ago, I had recognized a blog known as Jolita Jewllery, a buisness that promotes their own earings, necklaces, rings and other fashion accessories. The jewllery on display features a unique, artistic style in different colours, patterns and designs.

According to Jolita Jewellery, the Voodoo collection features a range of skull earrings, necklaces and bracelets that are inspired by the ‘Momento Mori’, where the skull was used as a  “symbol of mortality”. Since the 1500’s, the human skull became a reminder of life and death that was used by artists in traditional mediums such as painting or illustration. Jolita Jewellery have transformed a traditional art form into an artistic and stylish collection of jewellery.

Jolita Jewellery have also used Pinterest as a way to documents other artists and designers that have explored the cultural and historical depiciton of the skull in the Momento Mori. The site also provides an insight into the artistic influences for the Voodoo collection. Please click on the link below for further information.

The “Hidden Ruby and Skull Bangle” is definately one of my favourites and the design is very artistic. There are so many different colours and the beads do create an interesting composition with the skulls.

In the “Czarevna Ring” also features a very unique style, although I’m not too sure what the ring is made from. In the photograph, the ring features a large transparent rock that is juxtaposed with two skulls on the right hand side. The skulls feature comical and humerous expressions that also reminds me of the skulls form the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration.

Czarevna Ring by Jolita Jewllery

I decided to have a look through the blog and I also noticed a photo shoot that has been inspired by the Day of the Dead celebration (Dia De Los Muertos) I can’t see the jewellery that well although the photos look fantastic. The concept and the style is very creative and it’s great to see contemporary designers using the skull in the fashion industry!

If you’re into Jewellery, fashion and skulls, then you’ll like Jolita Jewllery.For more information about the latest collections from Jolita Jewllery, Please click on the links below to view the blog or the facebook profile.!/jolitajewellery

Tittler, Robert, Portraits, Painters, and Publics in Provincial England, 1540-1640 (New York: Oxford University Press,2012) p.135

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