Skull Montage

20/9/12 – Ripped photographs used to make Skull

I decided to create a photo montage from my own photographs in order to create a Mexican skull. I printed each photograph onto A4 paper from a normal desktop printer and I ripped the photographs into different segments. I used the white sections of the photographs for the base of the skull and the darker sections for the nose and the eye sockets. I ripped grey sections from the photograph and applied them to the skull in order to create tone and shadow with the actual image.

The photo montage is a very long process and it did take four hours to complete the actual image. The teeth were extremely difficult and I decided to use a pen to create the outlines between the teeth. I could have applied the photographs around the actual image in order to create texture and contrast in the background. This is an idea that I could use for another photo montage or collage.

I do spend quite a long time to do the makeup for my self portraits and it does feel strange to rip one of my photographs into separate pieces. I have used the photographs to create an entirely different shape or form. The images do provide a different interpretation or perspective of the work and the ripped photographs add texture and tactility to the image.

I was inspired by an image from the Starn Twins, “Double Stark Portrait in Swirl”, feature torn or ripped images that have been constructed into another image. The montage that I have created is a test and I have have to redo the image in order to refine my technique and style.

The Starn Twins: Double Stark Portrait in Swirl 1985

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