Dennis Ropar

12/9/12 – Dennis Ropar’s Paintings at Senoritas

I decided to search through Senorita’s website and I found a link to the blog on the front page that provides updates about the Restaurant, the decorations and menus. On the blog, I had recognised the works of Dennis Ropar who has designed a Day of the Dead diptych specifically for Senoritas. From my visit to Senoritas, I have not seen this particular painting, although the artwork itself may be installed in the next few months or so. The website itself doesn’t provide information about the paintings, however the Jackman Gallery in Melbourne, St Kilda explains that Dennis Ropar is a contemporary artist who is heavily influenced by popular culture. Most of the artist’s works replicate popular icons and fictional characters in the form of painting, college and sculpture.

What has really captured my interest is the advertisement for Ropar’s upcoming exhibition in November that explores the Mexican Day of the Dead. I cannot wait to see this exhibition and Ropars portraits reminds me of Slyvia Ji’s illustrations. This particular observation has invited me to question whether the Day of the Dead has become a popular art form in the Western culture? Artists around Melbourne are beginning to explore the artistic representations of the sugar skulls that also demonstrates that the Mexican Day of the Dead is becoming a part of the Australian culture. The Day of the Dead is now popular than ever before and the Mexican skulls have now become a cultural sensation within the visual culture.

Jackman Gallery, “Dennis Ropar”, Jackman Gallery, (Accessed 12/9/12)

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