Corpses Bride Wedding Cake

31/8/12 – Tim Burton inspires Wedding Cake Designs.

The other day I had recognised an image of a wedding cake that was decorated with the characters from Burton’s film, The Corpses Bride. I have been deeply inspired by Burton’s illustrations since the age of six and I have been fascinated by the humorous skeletal figures and corpses.

It has been quite a long time since I have watched the corpses bride although one could argue that the main characters features similarities to the icons within the Day of the Dead celebration. Ron Magliozzi, implies that the image of death with the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration has inspired Burton’s macabre and stylized characters. Magliozzi quotes “He readily credits his affection for the grotesque to horror films and the Day of the Dead” (Magliozzi,2012)

From further research I have discovered a range of wedding cakes that are inspired by the Corpses Bride. There are many decorative and illustrative designs that have been brought to my attention. It would be very cool to have a wedding cake that has been inspired by Tim Burton’s illustrations and artistic designs.

Magliozzi, Ron He, Jenny & Warren, Kate. “Tim Burton: The Exhibiton “. Melbourne: Australian Centre for Moving Image, 2010 p.13

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