Local Bar in Melbourne displays Artistic Representation of Death

25/8/12 – Black Chalkboard displays Creative Illustrations of the Skull and the Skeleton. 

I visited a local bar in Melbourne with a few friends and I had recognised a full length skeleton on the black board that was positioned right next to the drink list. The skeleton had featured a very colourful and decorative design that immediately captured my attention. I can’t remember the name of the bar although the    interior design was quite creative and there were candles in the shape of the skull that were placed behind the bar.

The floral patterns within the design also created a unique composition with the skeletal figure. The skeleton itself appeared to be drawn with a piece of white and red chalk onto the blackboard. The materials that were used had provided me with ideas in terms of the display or the presentation of my own work. The illustrative patterns within the skeletal figure also reminded me of the Day of the Day celebration that provides a humorous representation of death through the vibrant and artistic illustrations. (Brandes, 2006)

Brandes, Stanley. Skulls to the Living, Bread to the Dead. The Day of the Dead in Mexico and Beyond.  Australia: Blackwell Publishing, 2006 p.43

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