Blood In Blood Out 1993

24/8/12 – Blood in Blood Out: Reference to the Dead of the Dead Festival.

The other night I decided to watch a movie on cable television and I had recognised a 90’s melodrama on one of the channels. Blood In Blood Out was one of the most dramatic films I had ever watched and there were parts that had reminded me of day time television. Other than that, the film featured some very interesting concepts about death and violence around the outskirts of Mexico.

In the very first sequence of the film, there is a Day of the Dead parade is exposed before the actual structure of the narrative and the character development. The dancers within the parade were wearing black and white makeup that had symbolised the human skull. According to Adrienne Pine Blood in Blood out relates to “gang violence” that leads the main character, Milko into the wrong direction.

In relation to the main protagonist within the film who is formally known as Milko, Pine quotes “The movie probes the violent identity quests of a white man trapped in a brown man’s body” (Pine, 2008) . Milko also has two brothers who also struggle with violence and the death of a close family member that is juxtaposed with Milko’s prison sentence. Behind the bars, Milko becomes intertwined with violence, gambling and murder that causes the entire plot to end in complete destruction.

Blood In Blood Out by Taylor Hackford: First sequence, The Day of the Dead Parade. 

Towards the very end of the film, the violence within the prison is juxtaposed with the Day of the Dead celebration that provides two completely different interpretations of death. One could argue that Blood In Blood Out displays Hollywood’s interpretation of Mexico’s cultural celebration with the dead.

Pine also argues that the film accumulated a large following from the ‘Latino’ community although the United States did not show any particular interest for the film. Blood is Blood Out may have been designed to appeal towards a ‘latino’ audience that also questions whether the reference to the Day of the Dead celebration generates a strong interest from the Mexican population?

Pine, Adrienne “Working Hard, Drinking Hard: On Violence and Survival in Honduras” (California:University of California Press, 2008) p.45 -47

Taylor Hackford, Blood In Blood Out: Bound By Honour, 180 Mins, USA: Hollywood Picture, 1993

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