Skulduggery by Derek Landy

19/8/12 – What is Skulduggery? 

Skulduggery Yesterday I was walking through the shopping centre and I had suddenly recognised several shelfs that were full of books. Every single cover featured a skeletal figure dressed in a black and white suit. The actual display was spotted in a large department store opposite the cookbooks and the front cover had definitely captured my attention.

Skulduggery is written by Derek Landy who has received multiple awards for his fictional novel. According to the official skulduggery website, the main character is a skeletal figure who is a “wise cracking detective, magician, master of dirty tricks and burglary”.

I have never read the book although I am actually intrigued  with the design of the front cover, the title and the storyline. The department store had used more than five shelves for the display of Landy’s Skulduggery books. There were different patterns, colours and designs that may indicate that there is a series of books that is currently available within the market.

Has the skull become a selling point within the visual culture? One may argue that the skull is used to attract a younger demographic especially children and teens. Skulduggery may exemplify how the the subject of death is depicted within children’s novels through large commercial displays and advertisements.

Skulduggery Pleasant Official Website, (Accessed 19/8/12)

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