New Skull Drawing

18/8/12 – Using Wardrobe Door as a Work Station?

On Saturday night, I decided to draw another black and white Mexican skull on a sheet of lined paper. For some reason I now have an obsession with drawing skulls and the image always seems to be at the back of my mind. The image of the skull has become almost impossible to avoid over the past few months and the shape of the skull is now ingrained into my memory.

I usually need a reference or a photograph for drawing although I can now draw the skull from my own imagination. At the moment I am experimenting with different patterns and designs that I could use as a reference for my photographic work that I will produce towards the end of the year. I’ve decided to use my wardrobe door as a notice board that is used to document work in progress and visual observations.

Once I began to attach drawings, photos and notes to the wardrobe door I was able to actually see what I was working with instead of having all of my work spilling onto the floor. It is interesting to view the drawings from a distance and each day the work provides different ideas or concepts for the project.

My interpretation of the skull varies each day depending on what kind of image I am looking at Each day may provide a different perspective that may change completely in the next week or the next year. For some reason I do not think of death once I am confronted with the image of a skull which may reflect my culture or generation.

I am confronted with the skull day in day out through commercial art, design and popular culture, although would these particular art forms provide an explanation as to why I am desensitised towards death?

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