Skull Printed Scarfs and Skull Printed T-Shirts

Alexander McQueen: Skull Collection, Printed Scarfs

17/8/12 – The skull as the most Popular Icon within the Visual Culture? 

On friday I decided to walk through Melbourne central and I had spotted at least three or four people wearing a skull printed scarf. The skull has become a very popular print for ladies scarfs and men’s t-shirts especially in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. I cannot walk through a shopping centre or a department store without recognising the skull that is advertised in fashion, contemporary art and interactive media.

In the past few weeks I have noticed a demand for Alexander Mcqueen’s skull collection within the mainstream market especially the scarfs that are currently popular within ladies fashion. Is the skull popular than ever before?

My partner had bought another skull t-shirt and he had said that it was almost impossible to find a t-shirt without the skull printed onto the front. This is a very interesting statement that exemplifies how difficult it can be to avoid the skull within the urban culture. Why is it so difficult to find a skull t-shirt in the ladies fashion department?

Jay Jays, Skully Rose Tee

I have asked this question numerous times, I have found skull t-shirts but the most interesting designs and illustrations are found in the men’s department. Jay Jays currently sell a skull printed t-shirt with roses although it is difficult to find just an ordinary black and white t-shirt with the skull. Perhaps the skull is composed with floral patterns and designs in order to attract a female demographic.

Faye Dowling in the ‘Book of Skulls’ illustrates various subcultures that have explored the iconic representation of the skull from cultural, religious or spiritual contexts. Dowling quotes….

  • “Since its Renaissance in the 1970’s, the skull has emerged as one of the most recognisable symbols of today’s contemporary visual landscape. Reborn through music, fashion and art of an alternative youth culture, it has evolved from its spiritual and religious origins to become an icon for a post modern society consumer by the desire to set itself apart from the crowd” (Dowling 2011 p.7)

From a personal perspective the skull will always remain a popular image or representation that will invite one to question the subject of death and mortality within the visual culture.

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