Skull Merchandise at Quick Brown Fox

15/8/12 – Skull Money Box and Wooden Skull Necklace

On Wednesday I walked into Quick Brown Fox and I was intrigued with the items that they had on display. Quick Brown Fox is a store located in Melbourne central that sells quirky and artistic merchandise. I noticed a skull money box in the very corner of the store and I decided to take a closer look at the collection that was on display.

The money boxes are moulded into the shape of the skull that were the size of my hand. I wondered how someone would actually fit their coins into the skull although it may become very useful for loose change or parking money. The money boxes come in silver and gold, although I would personally use the skull as a ornament rather than a money box. I’m not too sure why but I am definitely attracted to the shape and the design of the skull.

Quick Brown Fox also featured wooden necklaces, which definitely attracted my attention. Some of the designs feature skulls wearing sunglasses and baseball caps that may reflect urban street culture. The visual merchandise that I have recognised may reflect a general interest for the image of the skull in the visual culture.

I wasn’t able to take photographs so I decided to create some sketches instead.

Quick Brown Fox Website,

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