Senoritas Bathroom Tiles

12/8/12 – Mexican Skull Bathroom Tiles: Fun, Creative and Energetic!

Last week, I visited Senoritas in Melbourne and I was fascinated with the style of the restaurant, which reflects Authentic Mexican Art through contemporary illustrations, paintings and installations.

I was also intrigued by the bathroom tiles within the restaurant, which feature vibrant and illustrative representations of the Mexican Sugar Skulls. Pink and blue have been used as a primary colour for the bathroom tiles, which also provides a creative or a decorative style to the restaurant.

The bathroom tiles present a unique perspective of the Mexican sugar skulls, which have transformed the space into a visual art piece. Although is the bathroom an appropriate place for Mexican Day of the Dead imagery?

The bathroom tiles definitely add vibrancy and creativity to the restaurant, which may reflect the cultural symbology of the Mexican sugar skulls. Senoritas has introduced Mexico’s celebration of the dead to the city of Melbourne through vibrant decorations and illustrations, which reflect a spiritual or positive relationship with death. Has the image of death become a contemporary art form within the 21st century?

Authentic Mexican restaurants, bars and public art galleries have definitely increased in popularity over the past couple of years, which also questions why there is a sudden interest for the Dead of the Dead celebration within the Western culture?

Perhaps the spiritual and cultural connections with the dead significantly differentiates from traditional, Western values, which mourn or grief over the loss of a loved one. (Brandes, 2006 p.45)The traditional art and design from Mexico may encourage other Western or European cultures to examine contemporary interpretations of death.

The bathroom tiles at Senoritas reflect a very energetic, colourful and artistic representation of the Mexican sugar skulls within a contemporary context. I was also interested in the repetition of the skull, which also question how the bathroom tiles influence one’s own response to death.

Senoritas Restaurant,

Brandes, Stanley. Skulls to the Living, Bread to the Dead. The Day of the Dead in Mexico and Beyond.  Australia: Blackwell Publishing, 2006. p.45


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