Rick Genest: Schon Magazine

11/8/12 – Latest Issue of Schon Magazine features Rick Genest 

Photography: Matthew Lyn

Rick Genest has released another image on his public facebook profile, which has been designed for “Schon Magazine”. The magnifying glass immediately invites the spectator to gaze into the image, which features a representation of a mouth that is flawless and tattoo free. Rick Genest’s contemporary tattoo designs reflect the performer’s own interpretations of death, which has become an area of inspiration.

Genest’s checkered jacket contrasts with the tattoo designs especially the eye sockets, which become the main focal point within the image. The magnifying glass may invite the viewer to imagine the performer with clear, flawless skin, which almost seems quite bizarre. It’s quite difficult to imagine Genest without any tattoo’s and the different designs actually create a very unique interpretation of the skull.

The image also features a very stylised effect which also questions whether the image is a photograph or an illustration. Genest’s public Facebook page constantly features regular updates such as images, photographs, illustrations, videos, articles and popular websites, which has provided a high level of motivation or ambition especially for the research blog.

Genest’s Facebook profile is updated on a regular basis, which reflects the artist’s experience in visual arts, fashion and contemporary performance, which is quite inspirational. Schon Magazine features a collection of contemporary artists or designers and the latest issue features Rick Genest on the front cover. Schon magazine displays creative and conceptual representations of Rick Genest, which may reflect the image of the skull or the image of death as a contemporary art form.

Images or Photographs are sourced the Official Schon website.

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