Skull Shot Glasses

9/8/12 – Skulls, Shot Glasses and Tequila

On Wednesday, I received a shot glass in the shape of a skull, which has become an area of fascination. The actual shape and the design of the shot glass does provide a very interesting representation of the skull, which appears to be grinning or smirking.

The shot glasses are definitely a fun object to have especially if you plan to drink spirits or any alcoholic beverages. I have also acquired a taste for Tequila through Espolon’s unique and innovative packaging, which also features references to the Day of the Dead celebration.


I am still undecided as to whether I actually like taste of  Tequila or whether I am interested in the advertising or the product design. The other day I was drinking Espolon Tequila from skull shot glasses, which I was very exciting at this particular point in time.

Have brands like Espolon used a Tequila bottle as an authentic art piece, which reflects Mexico’s spiritual association with the dead or has the celebration became another commercial product?

I do believe that advertising does have the power to influence the tastes or preferences of consumers worldwide and Espolon has effectively promoted Mexico’s cultural celebration with the dead through innovation and creativity.

Please excuse the low quality photographs, I only had a low resolution camera available at the time.

Espolon Tequila. Official Website, 

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